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Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm has been giving seminars and workshops on sustainable agriculture since 1998. It has available facilities for on-site training courses on Natural Farming Methods, Vermiculture and Vermicomposting, Vegetable Farming and Solid Waste Management. The farm has been visited  by government officials, non-government organizations, local government units, agriculturists, government agenicies and farmers from all over the Philippines. Its qualified trainers have conducted countless seminars around the archipelago and assisted many farms which are using its natural farming techniques. The farm has facilities for on-site hands on training. We are also available by appointment to conduct training seminars and workshops on the following:

o Vermiculture and Vermicomposting
o Sustainable Farming Methods / Natural Farming Systems
o Home Composting
o Organic Farming
o Solid Waste Management



Pamela T. Henares

Pam Henares is an organic farming advocate and currently the foremost resource speaker about Vermiculture in the Philippines. She has given presentations on this subject during the 2008 International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM ) World Congress held in Modena, Italy. She was also a resource speaker during the 2009 IFOAM Southeast Asian Conference in Kuching, Malaysia. She has travelled to most of the archipelago teaching the benefits of sustainable farming methods and the wonders of Vemiculture. A retired CEO of Riverside Medical Center, she holds a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration from the Ateneo de Manila University. She is married to Jose Henares, Sr. and they have 6 children and 14 grandchidren. She currently resides in Bacolod City, Philippines where she also volunteers as a court-appointed mediator for legal cases.

Largely responsible for the technology research and development work of Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm, she has attended various fora around the world on sustainable organic farming both as delegate and speaker. She is a member of the National Organic Agriculture Board (NOAB),  sits as a trustee of the Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation (NISARD) and is also a consultant for GTZ, a German government cooperation agency with considerable presence in the Philippines. She has also represented the country in various conferences and trade missions around Asia, Europe and the Middle East for the organic agriculture sector. She can be reached through her email address,


Paul T. Henares

Paul Henares was fomerly the resident manager of Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm from 2007-2011. He  lived in the farm since 2008 and was responsible for its website administration, product development, branding and marketing. A former insurance executive and professional corporate trainer, he previously headed the “Boracay Lives!” project of the Canadian International Development Agency and the Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which initiated the solid waste management system of Boracay Island in 2005. He also concurrently served as Executive Director of the Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry until January 2007. He has since conducted various seminars on Solid Waste Management and Natural Farming Methods to different groups around the Philippines and has started his own consultancy on organic farming. He is a former farming consultant for Amanpulo and Sangat Island Dive Resort in Palawan, as well as Sunnyvale Eco Farm in San Miguel, Iloilo. He was also worked with Talisay City local government as a solid waste management consultant to the mayor. He now resides in Boracay Island where he is working on a long term farm project in Malay, Aklan.  He maintains a blog, The Organic Coach, at

17 Responses to Training and Consultancy Services

  1. Ramoncito Aquino Salazar says:

    I am very much interested in all your training courses because i would like to apply it on our small farm lot in
    alubijid Misamis Oriental. If you could provide more informations regarding the trainings from range of prices to the timings.

    Best regards,

  2. Glenn Fernandez says:

    hi sir,

    I am also interested in your training courses. Can you also send me some informations about these seminars and the prices as well.


  3. Joevy Del Rosario says:

    Hi sir,

    I Am very intrested in your Vegetable seminar.

    Please E-mail me the details of the infos,schedule and how
    I can register asap.

  4. Dong Estabillo says:

    I got the chance to meet Ma’am Pam, she openned my eyes to the benefits of taking organic produce for good health and healing.

    Thank you so much for the help,

  5. Valnie Lustria says:

    i am interested in organic farming and i want to apply what i learn in our small farm. may i ask how often do u conduct seminars? do u have minimum persons required to attend your training? how much is the fee?


  6. Patrick Andrianne says:

    I’m very interested in your Vermicomposting seminar (I’d like to use to waste of my restaurant for the vermicompost).

    I’d like to have more information on the seminars and timing.


    • vermiP says:

      Thank you for your inquiry with Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm. Please contact Pamela Henares at +63 917 3015250 to arrange your training in the farm Thanks.

  7. Lexy says:

    i wish to start a self-sustaining farm, too, and need to learn. kindly send me by email, the prices, schedules, venues of your trainings and workshops to enable me to prepare and arrange my own schedule. I intend to take this trainings and seminars on my vacation home mid-next year with my brother. thank you!

  8. Joseph John E. Gicano says:

    Organic Farming and Solid Waste Management should be a required subject or Topic(can be part of T.L.E.-Technology and Livelihood Education) in High School Education. Since K+12 will be implemented soon, why not lobby for the inclusion of this in the curriculum?

    There are lots of useless/outdated topics out there. Organic Gardening and Solid Waste Management will be more useful.


    Kindly send me by email the schedule and prices of your seminars and training. I’m managing a vegetable farm. Thanks!

  10. Ryan Llacuna says:

    Can i ask? When will be the next seminar for natural and organic farming and where? Thanks

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Ryan,
      Our training seminars are usually conducted in our farm in Negros. For schedules on this, you may contact Pamela Henares at 0917 3015250 or email her at Thanks
      Paul Henares

  11. Lucrecia Macabelin says:

    I am interested to attend in any of your training and seminars, can you give me full details of those seminars, date,time, topics etc.

    • vermiP says:

      Thank you for your inquiry with Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm. We don’t have regular training seminars scheduled but do this by appointment only. Please contact Pam Henares at or call her at 0917 301 5350. Thanks

  12. RUTH says:

    I just resigned from my work and would like to invest in small scale vermicompost production as I am an advocate of organic farming. I have no idea on this thing – in other words zero knowledge. I need your help.

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Ruth,
      You may want to look for someone to guide and advice you on your venture, preferably somebody who lives close to you or your intended farm land. You may also contact my mom, Pamela Henares, at for some advce on how to go about your project. Thanks

      Paul Henares

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