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OM Plus compost factory

The tradition of Bokashi fertilizer dates back to early Japanese civilization where farmers used them to enhance rice and vegetable crops. Loosely translated in English as “mixed organic materials”, this simple method of mixing biodegradable waste matter, inoculants and microbes was later to become a world- known method in the practice of sustainable agriculture. Bokashi recipes are family kept secrets in Japan passed on through generations of agricultural farmers. To this day, it is still being used and practiced with the same intention, to nourish the soil in a sustainable manner with natural materials completing the organic life cycle as nature would do it. OMPlus is our very own blend of only the choice organic materials blended for use in all types of agricultural crops. It is made from our own agricultural waste, processed and mixed into a powerful organic  fertilize recommended for all types of agricultural and aquatic crops.



The  practice of Natural Farming dates back many centuries to agricultural Korea. Before there were fertilizers, fungicide and herbicide, there was natural farming where farmers followed the law of nature using what was around them to produce what they needed. With this environment friendly system, farmers experienced lower costs, higher yield and healthier crops grown with natural methods only. AquaPLUS is produced using the age-old process of fermentation, decomposing organic matter is converted to substances with the metabolism of mircoorganisms making them useful to humans, animals and plants. Again, this is the completion of the organic life cycle at work in a bottle . AquaPLUS  Foliar Fertilizer is recommended for all types of agricultural crops including sugarcane, rice, fruits and ornamentals. It is certitfied completely organic and licensed with the Fertilizer and Pesticide   Authority.




The process of Vermicomposting is as old as nature itself. It is nature’s way of replenishing itself through composting, producing a steady supply of minerals and nutrients enabling the soil to grow plants, producing food for animals and thereby completing the food web cycle. Vermicomposting is a simple, low-cost yet scientific method of natural farming. It produces both solid and liquid fertilizer through the work of African Nightcrawler worms foraging through decomposing organic material. Buro-Buro  supplies these worms around the Philippines and is a leading resource center for this method in the country. VermiPlus is our very own formulation  for use in all types of  agricultural and aquacultural crops. It is formulated to ensure correct carbon-to-nitrogen ratios according to organic fertilizer standards. Vermicompost can also be used as liquid foliar fertilizer when brewed and made into Vermitea. It is recommended for use on all types of agricultural crops as well as garden plants.



8 Responses to Fertilizers

  1. Lexy says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Do you have suppliers or distributors of your fertilizers in or around Baguio City, Isabela or Pangasinan? Is it possible to get a list of your products and their uses; and their prices by email?

    Thank you, God bless and have a great day!

  2. meliza says:

    Hello do you have branches in cagayan de oro?ano ano po ba ang mga producto nyo at ano ang mga gamit nito.i want to start agrisupply business kasi may sugar cane plantation din ako.

    thanks sa info.God Bless

  3. ed says:

    Good am po! Int po ba interested po ako sa organic pesticide ninyo,pwede po ba gamitin ito sa mga seedlings na fruit trees ? Paki e-mail naman po ung price if bought in bulk . God bless po and hope the Philippines will go green. Sayang po dahil wala sa curicula ng mga schools ito noong panahon namin. Dapat isulong ito ng gobyerno na isama sa mga subjects maraming useless na subjects sa school college ka na mayroon ka pang Pilipino 1 to 4 at religion 1 to 4 dapat organic planting, animal at fish farming na lang.

  4. Marc C. See says:

    Good evening VermiPhil,

    I am extremely interested in learning how to vermicompost, would you happen to have seminars in the National Capital Region Area? Also, would it be possible to purchase African Night Crawlers from VermiPhil even if it is based in Negros?

    Marc C. See

    • vermiP says:

      We only conduct training seminars in our farm in Negros as it needs some hands on training to do this. However, it is possible to purchase the worms and send them by air cargo to NCR. Please contact Jose Henares at 0917 8543939 for details regarding this. Thanks

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