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Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm is an integrated organic farm located in Talisay City,  Negros Occidental. It is the life work of Jose and Pamela Henares, both retired professionals with a common love for agriculture and advocates of sustainable farming methods. The farm started as a black pepper and flower farm in the 80’s and became a contract poultry grower in the 90’s, eventually evolving into the integrated organic farm that it is today. The farm processes all its agricultural waste through vermicomposting, fermentation and other processes; thereby creating a cycle where nature works its wonder around the surrounding environment. Since the turn of the century, Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm has been acknowledged as a premier agri-tourism destination in the Philippines and a resource and training center for Vermicomposting. It has supplied worms for most of the vermiculture projects existing in the country today.

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Vermiculture and Vermicomposting were previously unheard of in the Philippines when the farm had its humble beginnings. Essentially a work of nature in itself, it had been the object of study and research by Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero III, then the Executive Director of the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research. The farm had initially looked into it as a solid waste management solution to its poultry waste as well as to preserve the local water table. It later took natural theory into practice at a commercial level with its vermiculture operations. In the farm’s history, Dr. Guerrero became instrumental in the guiding the farm’s early years and providing  its first batch of worms in 1998.

The African Nightcrawler Worm ( Eudrilus Eugeniae ) was instrumental in transforming the farm into what we see today. With the intial batch of worms given in 1998, the Henares couple started a commercial Vermiculture project that has since sold over 6 tons of worms to all parts of the country. As advocates of sustainable farming methods, they have travelled all over the Philippines training local government units, government personnel, government officials and private individuals in organic farming and solid waste management. Since 1996, the farm has also been a commercial poultry grower and currently has a population of 120,000 heads in a separate division. The farm processes all its poultry waste, converting this to compost fertilizer which is sold mostly to sugarcane farmers in the province. It is one of the most highly integrated farming operations existing in the Philippines today. It is also at the forefront of the organic agriculture movement in Negros Occidental and is a founding member of the Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation. In 2009, the farm became the first certified organic farm in the Philippines by NICERT, the Negros Island Certification Services.

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Buro Buro Springs Vermi Farm has also ventured into fertilizer production and currently has a range of products being licensed and tested for the commercial market. All its products are certified organic under the Philippine National System and licensed with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority ( FPA ) It also provides training seminars on and off-site for local government units, private companies and organizations in sustainable farming methods, solid waste management and organic farming. It consults for non-government and private organizations, assisting them in starting organic farms around the country.

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  1. auto.ru says:

    Nice topic – respect !

  2. Yahwe says:

    How much is a link to your site? My site http://yahwe.ru/

  3. goldfishka says:

    The author continued in the same spirit

  4. katherine d. padilla says:

    greetings. we would like to bring our students to your farm as a filed trip. However, we come from iloilo. So just wondering if you also cater to overnight stays. Thank you and more power.

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Thanks you for your interest in visiting our farm. We have a lot of visitors from Iloilo and most come for the day only. However, we can arrange your stay at an adjoining facility belonging to our relatives. Please arrange your visit with my mother, Pamela Henares at mobile number 09173015250 as I am currently not in the farm. Hope you can arrange a visit to our farm soon.

      Best regards,
      Paul Henares

      • arlene calo says:

        i want to know more about vermi composting….im from davao…can you teach me then how…this is my celphone number 09499150021 thanks and God bless you….

        • vermiP says:

          Hello Arlene,
          Thank you for your interest in vermicomposting. You may contact my mother, Pamela Henares, at 09173015250 to arrange how you can visit the farm and learn this. She is the foremost authority in that field in the country and a member of the National Organic Agrculture Board. Wish you all the best. Thanks
          Best regards,
          Paul Henares

  5. Lexy says:

    i love your farm. i am an ofw and nearing retirement age. i am looking at vermicomposting as one of them as i am interested in a farm just like yours. i will make it a point to visit your farm next year when i come home for a vacation. i hope i could then learn many things from you.
    thank you!

  6. Japhet Arguelles says:

    does teh African Nightcrawler Worm ( Eudrilus Eugeniae ) is the only worm we can grow here in our country? can the red wriggler survived our temperature

    • vermiP says:

      The African Nightcrawler has been proven to be the most suited for the Philippine environment although the red wriggler may be able to survive pour temperatures

  7. jobe trinidad says:

    your organic lettuce is the best and so glad to know that its produced near bacolod. May I know can we just visit your farm and purchase worms for a small home vermicompost project? How much does it cost and what is the minimum purchase?

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Jobe,

      To make arrangements for a farm visit, you may contact Pamela Henares at 034 4330362. She can also give you pricing and methods to use for your small vermicomposting project.

      Paul Henares

  8. marilyn says:

    hi, do you sell ashitaba capsule? if so, how much? thanks

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Remy,

      Thank you for your inquiry. You may call Rose Ann at 034 4330362 or 0917 3000431 for orders. Thanks

  9. michael solis says:

    good day. i’m really interested in learning all about vermicomposting. not necessarily for a farm but to help susteain the envbironment within the community; for now at least. its just that i’m based in cavite.i just saw this site now. i was in iloilo a couple of weeks ago. i wish i learned of this site earlier so i might have visited your farm. are there seminars conducted or do you have modules so i can learn of the processess on my own. also, where can i buy th worms used for vermicomposting? thank you for your time

  10. Felix Virrey says:

    Hi, I am interested in vermicomposting and in organic farming I am curious if you are conducting seminars and trainings on this or do you have any tutorial videos which I can learn from. Do you have a regular buyer of your compost? I am from Batangas and I dont know if theres a market for that. Thank you very much and hope you find time to answer my questions.

    • vermiP says:

      Hi Felix,

      We conduct seminars in our farm in Negros regularly. You may contact my mom Pamela through her email owapam@gmail.com about these seminars as we don’t have instructional videos available. Our compost is regularly bought by sugarcane farmers here in Negros as a supplement for their crops. Thanks

      Paul Henares

  11. joy says:


    I am just curious how many hectare is your farm?

    Thank you.

  12. Rhoderic M. Abache says:

    sir, how do we get there in your farm from bacolod city? how many hours is the travel time?

    • vermiP says:

      The farm is only a 30 minute drive from Bacolod City. We don’t usually allow walk-in visitors there but you may arrange a visit by contacting Jose Henares at 034 4330362. Thanks

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